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We are looking for high expertized and motivated persons to make our team stronger.
Send your CV to hr@terabitsecurity.com


Technical Support Engineer

We are looking for support engineer for DDoS detection toolkit Terabit DPS.

First of all, you must have excellent Linux knowledge (that’s only single “must” for this role):
– Packaging management (apt, dpkg)
– Initialization system (Upstart)
– Firewall iptables
– Build / configuration of kernel modules
– Ability to debug complex issues related with application performance (sysdig, perf top, htop)
– Full understanding of Linux network stack. Ability to use tcpdump and wireshark without using Serverfault.com.

Also, we have very broad optional skill requirements (for each point you could get benefits!):
– Complete understanding of following protocols: IP, TCP, UDP
– Network traffic telemetry: sflow, netflow, IPFIX, pcap, netmap, DPDK
– Dynamic routing management protocols: BGP and BGP Flow Spec protocols
– Network equipment configuration with CLI (Arista, Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Alcatel)
– Coding skills (Python, Golang, Perl)
– DDoS mitigation experience

Finally, if you want to learn all these technologies in nutshell, we are waiting for your resume!


C++ Developer

We require a programmer to work really great and be able to change the world for the best products!

We would like to see your fluency in the languages C and C++. Of course, in pure C++ is not enough, so we’d like to see your fluency in the STL and Boost.

Let’s talk about the most interesting, we require experience with multi-threaded applications. Whether it pthreads, boost::thread or std::thread designed from C ++ 11 (yes, we are very fond of him, too) – we do not care. But the understanding of atomicity, memory barriers and basic contaminants of modern processors (it’s only Xeon v3) is necessary.

Objectives, we are connected with the networks, so it would be well, just wonderful to see the understanding of IP, TCP and UDP at least at a basic level. If you know something of L7 – then all is fine!

To make our application is quite compelling, we like to use SIMD instructions and other interesting hacks of modern processors 🙂

Oh, I’ve almost forgotten, if you have already gained an experience with such frameworks as the netmap, PF_RING or completely cool and compelling DPDK or you are the very endangered guru capable of writing even a kernel of Linux, then you must respond to this job: )

Hundreds of millions of packets per second, hundreds of gigabits of traffic! Perhaps, it is even steeper than Ice Bucket Challenge!


Sales Manager

As the Sales Manager, you will have the opportunity to work with cutting edge security technologies. You will be responsible for working with new and existing customers to scope and deploy Terabit Security DDoS solutions. The Sales Manager will work directly with customers to plan service and consulting engagements remotely or at the customer’s site.

Role Responsibilities:

– Collaborate with support team and form effective partner relationship with customer for deployment Terabit DDoS Protection System.
– Discuss technical requirements for proposed/contracted services with customers.
– Work with internal Project Managers and customers as necessary to plan out the details and timelines of the implementation.
– Contribute to projects of varying scales such as upgrades, migrations and new offerings.
– Solid understanding of TCP/IP protocol stack and familiarity of various network protocols.
– Ability to efficiently troubleshoot complex network issues in TELCO and enterprise environments while adhering to best practice security policies.
– Working knowledge of security protocols and design concepts.
– Proven ability to deploy network/security solutions.
– Must have a working knowledge of Linux/Unix operating systems.
– Functional experience on any of the following platforms: Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Radware, Arbor.
– Strong ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
– Should be self-driven, project oriented and able to work with minimal day-to-day direction.
– Bachelor’s degree in Information Security, or related discipline.
– 3 years of relevant work experience or a total of 5 years of relevant work experience.
– 3 to 5 years’ experience with the deployment of the following firewall platforms: Cisco, Juniper, Arbor, Radware.