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Terabit Security launched DDoS Protection System 2.0

admin 18 May 2016 No Comments

We are proud to present our product – DDoS Protection System 2.0

In recent years, severity and complexity of DDoS attacks has been increasing significantly. Even low volume attack is capable of shutting down the internet connection in the Company. Consequently, protection from DDoS attacks has become a business requirement. Realising the business risks and costs associated with DDoS, Terabit Security has developed DPS (DDoS Protection System) to resolve these issues. Effective solution to DDoS attacks addresses 2 main problems. First, full automation of the detection and tracking process. Second, availability of adequate contingency plans and technical resources.

Our system offers significant technical and financial advantages. DPS functions at the network edge and conducts automatic traffic analysis to identify and eliminate malicious traffic. Malicious traffic is evaluated under multiple criteria (Destination Prefix, Source Prefix, IP Protocol, Source or Destination Port, Destination Port, Source Port, ICMP Type, ICMP Code, TCP flags, Packet length, DSCP, Fragment Encodins, traffic-rate, traffic-action, traffic-marking, etc.) and subsequently sent to the edge router for further filtering.

DPS is an effective solution for DDoS attacks which supports any cloud traffic filtering system. Furthermore, it greatly reduces costs associated with bandwidth expansion. Finally, DPS allows to use services more efficiently and focus on technical enhancements rather than manual mitigation of DDoS attacks.

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