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InLine Filter System

Specification Technical Support

Terabit InLine Filter System IFS is a is a family of high-performance software appliances that detect and mitigate multi-vector DDoS attacks at the network edge, functioning as a first line of defense for a network infrastructure.

Our InLine Filter System IFS protects large networks with entry-level models starting at 2 Gbps and moving up to a 400 Gbps high-performance appliance for your most demanding requirements

Key Features

Fast Deployment

Disparately fast deployment of DDoS protection system – 10 minutes to start. Just download, install and get prompt safety

Advanced WEB GUI

Web application offers single-point DPS management, network monitoring and reporting of data received from Collector, Explorer and Filters deployed within the network

Premium Support

All support inquiries are answered by experienced engineers. Terabit DPS Proffesional Support with SLA 24×5, 24×7, 24×365.

Affordable on Premise Anti-DDoS

The most cost-effective on-premise DDoS mitigation solution on the market! Annual subscriptions include free support and upgrades.


Clustering option for performance and redundancy. Sflow capture – up to 10Tbps (1Tbps per server), traffic mirroring – up to 6.4Tbps (40Gbps per server)

Low hardware requirements

Up to 10GE with 12 Mpps on E5-1650V3 with Intel NIC 82599 10GE

Specification Summary

Simultaneous Sessions

  • Not session limited
  • Deployment Modes

  • Inline Filter, Inline Monitoring, SPAN/RSPAN, netflow/sflow, miror, scrubbing center
  • Block Actions

  • Destination Prefix, Source Prefix, IP Protocol, Source or Destination Port, Destination Port, Source Port, ICMP Type
  • ICMP Code, TCP flags, Packet length, DSCP, Fragment Encodins, traffic-rate, traffic-action, traffic-marking
  • Attack Protections

  • Flood Attacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS,NTP Reflection/Amplification)
  • Fragmentation Attacks (Teardrop, Targa3, Jolt2, Nestea)
  • TCP Stack Attacks (SYN, FIN, RST, SYN ACK, URG-PSH, TCP Flags)
  • Technical Support Models


    8×5 support service | 20 cases per year
    Provides an engaged response for small companies with a limited number of cases


    12×7 support service | unlimited cases
    Provides daily technical support with unlimited number of cases


    24×7 support service | unlimited cases
    Provides around the clock support for critical services with unlimited cases

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