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Professional Techinal Support

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Terabit DPS DDoS protection system enables service providers and enterprises to protect the network and mission-critical applications and reduce infrastructure costs. The system evaluates critical network metrics and responds quickly to automatically prevents DDoS atack.

The professional support team is formed of an engaged engineers in order to provide a fanatical support to our customers helping with doubts, integration problems, advises and full commitment, treating bugs very quickly and providing instant hotfixes when it’s needed.

Thus Terabit Security DPS provides the following professional support:


Basic Support

Basic professional service is a support provided by the appropriate Terabit help desk when it receives the Support Request from their client. This represents general support.
This option is a basic professional service which provides an engaged response for small companies with a limited number of cases. This is a 8×5 support service and provides 20 cases per year.

intermediate support

Intermediate Support

Intermediate Professional Support is a support provided by a customer infrastructure support or domain expert. This level of support does not perform code modifications, if required for the problem resolving. Operational issues will be resolved at this level.
The Intermediate Professional Support is recommended for companies which are increasing their DDoS Protection System and requires a non based cases support model. It is a 24×5 support service with unlimited cases per year.

advanced support

Advanced Support

Advanced Professional Support this is support provided by a Terabit application support specialist. This level of support performs code modifications, if required for the problem resolving. During critical processing periods, the support is extended to be 24/7 for the agreed period, critical applications, and critical problems based on specific applications.
The Advanced Professional Support offers 24×7 assistance, respectively, and support services dedicated to companies whose ddos protection system means an essential service and a mission critical risk for the business.




Support Programs Specification


System/Server included YES YES YES
Incidents/Cases Included 20 YES YES
Dedicated Engineer YES YES YES
Max Response Time 16 working hours 8 working hours 4 working hours
Support Schedule 8×5 24×5 24×7
Mailing List YES YES YES
System/Server included YES YES YES
Bug Tracker YES YES YES
Maintenance advises YES YES YES
Private Chat NO* YES YES
Remote assistance NO* YES YES
Customer Portal YES YES YES




Support Programs Pricing