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PrimeTel was looking to enhance its ability to detect and filter DDoS attacks coming into its network. DPS from Terabit Security has shown to be the most effective solution for the job. Compared to other options, cost of integration was very competitive and we now get an insight into an attack within a minute. This allows us to activate necessary mitigating measures practically immediately.


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We are working with DPS one month ago with +65Gb/seg and attacks all days and 569 networks, the feedback is very good, we have Arista switches on main network working with sflow.
Total number of monitored hosts (total size of all networks): 757184


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In August 2015, we launched Vscale, a new service that offers low-cost virtual servers specially designed for developers. There was the risk that inexpensive, custom virtual machines may attract clients planning to organize various virtual attacks over the Internet. This is why we set out to create a mechanism for quickly identifying and preventing


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myVirtualserver is a VPS hosting company and Internet Service Provider in Western Europe(Germany). We had many customers complaining about incoming DDoS attacks and packet loss, caused by outgoing DDoS of customers. Every time a problem was reported or we noticed that the incoming/outgoing traffic is really high


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The best thing about DPS from Terabit Security — it’s simple, but extremely powerful. We use DPS to analyze traffic from our border switches and make decisions on protecting our network automatically.
With DPS and 10 lines of bash code we decide to ban, re-route or


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We have been using DPS from Terabit Security for about 2 months for early detection of DDoS attacks towards our customers.
Currently we are monitoring ~ 1000 subnets and using traffic samples collected via sFlowv5 protocol

Tranquil Hosting

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We have recent implemented DPS for alerting of DDoS attacks on our network as well as automatically triggering blackhole action. It is great to see an active community of DPS users as well as a rapid pace of new features being added to the platform. The main feature that attracted me


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Our company has been using DPS to improve detection on malicious traffic targeting our cloud infrastructure. The improvements provided by this tool are helping us to early detect and trigger mitigation techniques before the situation evolve to critical stages, when availability starts being affected