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Yefim Gasel


DPS kicks ass!

The best thing we can tell about DPS from Terabit Security — it’s simple, but extremely powerful.
We use DPS to analyze traffic from our border switches and make decisions on protecting our network automatically.
With DPS and 10 lines of bash code we decide to ban, re-route or simply do nothing with the attack while informing the customer about the issue within couple of seconds after the problem arisen.
Here at yourserver.se we run DPS in highly available mode — border switches send sFlow statistics to both datacenters simultaneously,
DPS integrates with ExaBGP, which announces the attack destination back to the switches, marked with the BGP community we need to make the
correct protection decision: either blackhole, block UDP flood or just notify the customer.
We are looking into integrating DPS with graphite to give our technical support team better look on the attacks and to have even better analytics.
We’d like to thank Pavel, the creator of DPS, for active and continuous development of DPS and, of course, for avoiding many sleepless nights and customer complaints