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Custom Development

Terabit DPS is a full software package to be used for general tasks and the development cycle is planned in terms of development every 2 or 3 months, which are dedicated to the design of a roadmap for the Terabit DDoS Protection System Software version.

The development proposals are selected from the developers team, supporting the customers needs or partners’ advises.

Some companies, organizations or administrations require some extra specific features, improvements, new functionalities or customizations that could be developed by the Terabit Security Developers Team quickly and with high-end quality.


Network Consulting

Terabit DPS DDoS protection system enables service providers and enterprises to protect the network and mission-critical applications and reduce infrastructure costs. The system evaluates critical network metrics and responds quickly for preventing automatically from DDoS atack.

The Terabit DPS Team is able to provide the best solution for your demands. We help companies to manage their telecommunication asset and implement some solutions to achieve some saving.

In Terabit DPS Team, we look not only at technical support as an extra layer around products and but also at technologies. The key task is maintaining the infrastructure. It is the heart of the live network, your network. We have built a complete and standalone service set and a team of motivated experts with forward-looking vision.


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